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Kevin Chao

Fun Fact: Kevin once worked in a circus!

Kevin and his wife Mariette have a deep passion for wholistically caring for others and sharing the love God has for all people. He has over 13 years of ministry experience, having served in Cincinnati, OH, Greenwich, CT and now Philadelphia, PA. Prior to becoming the Area Director in Center City, Kevin graduated with a B.S. in Architecure from the University of Cincinnati, worked for the Cincinnati Circus Company and was the Area Director of Young Life Greenwich. Kevin has extensive coaching experience and brings that same mindset when it comes to his work. He values building strong teams and helping others reach their fullest potential. Kevin is incredibly excited to join the work that God is already doing in Philly and is looking forward to building collaborative relationships for the purpose of sharing God's abundant love.

Julia Dunn

Student Staff: PFP WyldLife



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